12 Christmas Safety Tips to Help Protect Your Family

12 Christmas Safety Tips to Help Protect Your Family

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’s also when accidents happen. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees are the main cause of holiday fires. December is also the month when most home Fires occur. That’s why taking some precautions is important to help keep your family safe. This blog post will discuss 12 Christmas safety tips that will help keep your family safe and happy!

12 Christmas Safety Tips to Help Protect Your Family

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends, but it’s also important to be aware of potential safety hazards. Here are 12 safety tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe this Christmas season:

1. Check Your Christmas Lights

Christmas is a time for celebration, which means spending time with family, eating delicious food, and decorating the house. One of the most important aspects of holiday decorating is decorating the Christmas lights. While they may seem simple, taking a few precautions before stringing them up is important.

First, make sure to check the lights for any damage. Frayed wires and broken bulbs can pose a serious safety hazard. If you see any damage, replace the lights immediately. It’s also good to plug your lights into a surge protector to protect them from power surges. Taking a few simple steps can help ensure that your holiday season is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

2. Don’t Overload Outlets

One of the most important safety considerations when decorating for the holidays is to avoid overloading outlets. This can happen when multiple plugged-in devices exceed the amperage rating for the circuit, and it can cause a fire. When putting up your lights and other decorations, use only one plug per outlet, and make sure not to exceed the wattage rating for the outlet. If you have any questions about the wattage rating for an outlet, consult an electrician.

3. Keep Your Christmas Tree Watered

Christmas trees are a classic holiday decoration, but they also come with a risk of fire. A dry tree is highly flammable and can quickly ignite if placed too close to a heat source. To help prevent this, make sure to keep your tree well-watered. The water level should never get below the base of the tree, and you should check it daily to ensure it doesn’t get too low. You should also avoid placing your tree near fireplaces or radiators, as these can cause the tree to dry out more quickly.

4. Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

The holidays are busy, and it can be easy to forget simple safety precautions. However, taking a few moments to think about safety can help to prevent accidents and keep your family safe. For example, candles are a common holiday decoration but can be dangerous if left unattended. If you’re using candles to decorate your home this holiday season, blow them out before you leave the room. In addition, consider using battery-operated candles, which are just as effective as real candles but don’t pose the same fire hazard.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Pets

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun. But it’s important to remember that they can also be a time of great danger for your pets. Christmas trees, electric lights, and ornaments can threaten your furry friends. Each year, thousands of pets are injured by these common holiday hazards. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your pets during the holiday season. Ensure they don’t have access to any decorations or food that could harm them. And if you’re traveling with your pet, bring along any medication or medical records they might need.

6. Drive Safely When Travelling

The Christmas travel season is one of the busiest times on the roads. And while driving safely is important, there are some extra precautions you should take during this busy time. First, ensure your car is in good working order before going on a road trip. This means having it serviced and checked for any potential problems.

Christmas Safety Tips

Second, carry an emergency kit in your car, including a first-aid kit, jumper cables, and a flashlight. And finally, give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Rushing is one of the leading causes of accidents, so plan your trip accordingly and allow yourself some extra time in case of traffic delays or other unforeseen problems.

7. Be Careful with Space Heaters

Many people turn to space heaters to stay warm as the weather gets colder. While space heaters can be an effective way to fight the chill, they can also be dangerous. Every year, thousands of fires are started by space heaters, causing millions of dollars in damage. To avoid being a statistic, always follow these safety tips. First, never leave a space heater unattended. If you have to leave the room, turn it off first.

Second, keep your space heater away from any flammable objects. This includes things like curtains, furniture, and clothing. Finally, ensure your space heater is placed on a level surface. A tipped-over space heater can not only start a fire, but it can also cause serious burns. By following these simple safety tips, you can enjoy your space heater without worry this winter.

8. Keep Raw Turkey Away From The Salad

Christmas dinner is a time-honored tradition for many families, but food poisoning can quickly ruin it. To keep your dinner guests safe, there are a few simple safety measures you can take. First, keep raw meat away from fresh produce, as bacteria can easily spread from one to the other. Second, wash your hands frequently, especially after handling raw meat.

Third, use a meat thermometer to ensure that all meats are cooked to a safe temperature. Finally, use separate cutting boards for cooked and uncooked meats to avoid cross-contamination. These simple guidelines can help ensure a safe and enjoyable Christmas dinner for all.

9. Don’t Drink and Drive

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends. However, it’s important to remember to celebrate responsibly. One of the most common ways people celebrate during the holidays and end up in accidents is by drinking and driving. It’s essential to avoid drinking and driving all year round, but it’s essential during the holidays. If you’re going to be drinking alcohol, make sure to have a designated driver or take a cab home.

10.  Be Aware Of Scams

The holidays are a time of giving, but unfortunately, they’re also when scammers are out in full force. People fall victim to fake charity donations and gift card scams every year.

One of the most common scams around Christmas time is fake charity donations. Be wary of anyone approaching you asking for a donation to a local charity. If possible, research the charity before giving any money. Ensure the charity is legitimate and your donation will go to a good cause.

Another common scam is the gift card scam. Be careful if you’re buying gift cards from an unfamiliar source or if you’re being offered a discount on a gift card. These scammers will often sell you a fake or already used gift card. Only buy gift cards from reputable sources, and check the balance before giving them as a gift.

11. Don’t Burn Wrapping Paper In The Fireplace

A crackling fire in the fireplace is a must-have for cozy holiday events. But before you get too cozy, it’s essential to practice proper fireplace safety. Burns from holiday decoration fires are all too common; each year, around Christmastime, an estimated 240 people go to the hospital to treat injuries caused by holiday fires. The best way to avoid becoming a statistic is to take simple precautions.

First, don’t burn trees, wreaths, or wrapping paper in the fireplace. They can easily ignite and quickly cause a dangerous blaze. Second, always use a fireplace screen to help contain any flying sparks. By following these simple safety tips, you can help ensure your holidays are merry, bright, and fire-free!

12. Practice Safe Snow Removal

As the holiday’s approach, many people prepare their homes for guests and decorate for the season. However, taking some time to think about safety is also essential. If you live in an area where it snows, you’ll need to do some shoveling. Be careful when shoveling snow, and take breaks often to avoid overexertion. Also, watch out for ice, which can be slippery and dangerous.


The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and celebration. However, it is also a time when accidents and injuries occur more frequently. From cooking fires to falls and car accidents, there are many potential hazards to be aware of. That’s why taking precautions and being safe this holiday season are important. We hope these 10 tips will help you do just that. Please share with your friends and family, and happy holidays from our team.

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